Directions Home Loan is located at The Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio, Texas.

Together, our team of expert loan officers have helped thousands of new homeowners. Our experienced and bilingual loan officers work with all agents and builders in San Antonio, the hill country, and surrounding areas…and are committed to providing a world-class buying experience for each and every client. We’re looking forward to serving you!

Jennifer Jones

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS #1714289

  • (210) 627-3435

Anthony DeContreras

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS #1939489

  • (210) 584-2607

Preston Jones

 Loan Officer

NMLS #2012137

  • (210) 683-1921

Arnold Herrera

Loan Officer

NMLS #1690024

  • (210) 954-2246

Matt Stansbury

Loan Officer

NMLS #1534206

  • (210) 417-3043

Shane Jones

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS #513985

Mark Jones

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS #513437

  • (210) 683-1481

Vanesa Gaytan

Loan Officer

NMLS #845638

Alfredo Martinez

Sales Manger, Producing

NMLS #497372

  • (956) 202-2076

Esmer Villalon

Loan Officer

NMLS #513574

  • (956) 545-4389

Alyssa Harle

Processor I

  • (210) 874-1573

Justin Cavazos

Sr. Loan Partner

  • (210) 771-0521

Priscilla Briones

Loan Partner

  • (210) 874-1578

Beto Hernandez

Sr. Loan Partner

NMLS #221717

  • (210) 771-0521

Olivia Wehrman

Processor I

  • (210) 874-1578

Olga Crismariuc

Process Liaison

  • (210) 874-1578

We work with families, builders and Realtors all over San Antonio, the hill country and surrounding areas. Our team of bilingual loan officers are dedicated to providing a customer experience that is unsurpassed for each and every client. We believe in what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for- and strive to ensure that the loan process reflects this from the start of your application, to long after closing.

Has your loan been turned down before your close date?
Now you’re at the risk of losing your earnest money or even worse… your dream home.
“We believe that everyone is a buyer, it’s only a matter of when.” Our values are to inspire hope, builder prosperity, and deliver dreams. If your loan has previously been denied, we’re glad to take a second look and help you get back on the path to home ownership.