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Mark Jones is a Texas Boy through and through. Born in San Antonio and now hangs his hat in Boerne, Texas. He is a Father to 2 amazing children Payton & Foster and a husband to the world’s greatest wife, Kristin Jones. He is also a Leader, Coach, Advisor, Investor, Entrepreneur and Mentor for his team and others. He has spent the last nine years not only producing, but implementing change in the mortgage industry to increase the overall buyers experience year after year.
Program assistance and “Prime Time” customer service are what he strives for. Through his tenacious work ethic he strives to provide his clients and employees with the knowledge and skills that he has acquired from many years of diverse financial experience. He is a huge fan of self-education but teaches clients not to self-diagnose before speaking to a professional. He is an advocate for staying in his own lane. In additional to the professional side of Mark, he enjoys giving back to his community and those around him. Quote he lives by is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzki
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Born and raised in Del Rio, TX, but has proudly called San Antonio his home for 8 years. Matt started his sales journey at the age of 20 in insurance and by 21 was a top producer in Texas. He made a transition over to mortgage as a Loan Officer Assistant to learn the business and after two and a half years, became a full time Loan Officer. This in pursuit of his true passion for helping people. The idea of helping someone with one of the biggest purchases of their life, brings him joy.

When Matt is not in the office, you can most likely find him in the gym working on his goal for his next competition in men’s physique body building. He also loves to play soccer and still play on teams around the city. He believes in working hard and is driven by his family and loved ones.

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