Did you know January 14 is National Organize Your Home Day? We probably can all agree that while we’ve left a messy year behind us, there’s no need to bring a messy house into the new year. In hopes of offering motivation for fresh starts and new beginnings, we decided it’s the perfect time to share our favorite ways to get organized on a budget.

After you’ve rid your closet of any under- or over-worn items, organize winter accessories with this do it yourself project.

DIY framed aluminum sheeting & magnetic clips:

View entire project by Polished Habitat here.


Hate to throw out good containers?

Yeah, us too. Use an old cornstarch container to store those LEGO odds and ends that constantly find their way into your carpet and under your feet!

View entire Lego head storage can project here.

Out with the old, in with the… old?

You heard right. When you’re decluttering your house and tossing old junk, repurpose old items when you can, or make use of inexpensive thrift store finds, like this old CD holder:

View entire project here.

Under The Sink

You can also make the most of wasted space under the sink in even the smallest of bathrooms. By stacking storage containers under your cabinets and attaching hooks to the inside of the doors, you can easily store cleaning products and toiletries out of sight.

View entire project here.

Short on cabinet space?

Store pots in the pantry. Sure, it’s unconventional, but it makes sense, and saves your back unnecessary strain bending over.

View entire project here.

Messy Linen Closets?

Lastly, the dreaded linen closets. Adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” policy when it comes to stubborn fitted sheets and betting that doesn’t stack well with this linen closet organization hack:

View the entire project here.

Historically, there’s no time to clean like spring. But with 2020 behind us, fresh starts seem even fresher. Share with someone who wants to get organized this year!


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